Top 3 Youtube Channels With Instructions For Online Pokies

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Youtube Channels

Online pokies became a huge part of online gambling in general, since they have millions of versions and themes. Back in the days, you could find only a few pokies with different themes, while now you cannot find what has not been implemented as a theme for online pokies. The business of online pokies is expanding everyday so some people decided to try to breakdown the rules and principles of pokies.

AmericanCasinoGuide – Learning Secrets About Casinos

AmericanCasinoGuideThe best part about this channel is that is not limited only to online pokies. This channel took a chance to explain the basic principle that pokies use for working, secrets behind pokies and instruction on how to win playing the pokies. Like we said, it is not only limited to pokies however; you can find a lot of information about the casino itself and other gambling (physical) machines. At this channel, you will find out about RNG, about setting the percentage that needs to be set to pay back on the machine and many more. The instructions, as well as interviews, are given by the professionals who are in the gambling industry for many years. It means information you get will be accurate and reliable and you could use them for development of gambling software, further research or making manuals and instructions.

RocknRolla’s Gambling

RocknRolla’s GamblingThe owner of this channel has a long-time gambling experience so it is definitely worth subscribing and following. This channel is unique because the owner records videos of his gambling sessions, whether he plays slots, blackjack or poker. The owner also sometimes records live sessions where you can see his skills live. Besides this, he often gives some instructions on how to earn more money, what to avoid and what to do. From time to time, you will find some secrets that he found during his gambling career. The biggest advantage of this channel is that he only plays online pokies. You will not see him going to some brick and mortar casino – instead, he plays from his home only online gambling games like poker, slots, roulette and pokies. It is a real treasure for a serious online pokies gambler.

Kim Jennings – Non-profit gambling

Kim is a gambler who played pokies all the time, but eventually he had discovered online pokies and started playing online pokies from his home. He presents the best online pokies you can find on the Internet and how you can find them,  how to get free spins and other features that online pokies offer. However, you will not find the information about winning or cheating these online pokies but rather suggestions which pokies you should play. He is also eager to respond to the subscribers’ messages, giving free advice and tips regarding online pokies and gambling in general. Although he is not offering any kind of winning advice, he still deserves to be listed in the top 3 Youtube Channels With Instructions For Online Pokies.

Top 3 Offers At The Best Online Gambling Sites

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Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites usually have their unique offer that distinguishes them from the others. We must note that not all offers are the right ones for all players – some players like deposit bonus, while some players like to receive free spins for the slots. We have prepared the three best offers for you to make things easier for you. We want to make your gambling experience rich!

Sign-On Bonus At Spin Palace

Spin PalaceThese so-called “double-deposits” offers are not something that you can see every day and everywhere.  Spin Palace gives players an opportunity to earn more money if they play for real money. It means if you deposit $250 to your account, you will immediately receive another $250 to your account as a gift. They say that players should be profiting as soon as players join their casino. It is not limited to $250 – you can deposit up to $1000 and receive the same amount as a gift or reward. It is a fact that often draws players to play at Spin Palace instead at some other places.

The first thing you need to do is download Spin Palace software and register “real money” account. Their support will welcome you and give you instructions (if needed) on depositing money to your account. Note that they give you rewards for the FIRST THREE deposits, which means you can easily profit $1000. However, you cannot cash out that amount of money – you can only gamble with that money.

Loyalty Programme At Jackpot City Casino

Loyalty is not something that you can buy, but at Jackpot City you can be sure that you will receive your reward if you gamble at their site. The purpose of the loyalty program is to exchange loyalty points that you collect through cash bets for credits. You will earn your loyalty points for each cash wager, which means the more you play, the more points will accumulate. The points can be exchanged for cash or promotions, but have in mind that a number of points determines your loyalty level. Also, have in mind one thing – you will not get loyalty points if you use bonus credits.

Promotions and Points At Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas CasinoBesides deposit bonus that Royal Vegas Casino offers, it offers weekly promotions, rewards, and Fortune Cruises. Weekly promotions are somehow linked to deposit offers, but it means that every week, deposit offers are different. They also offer entry into slot tournaments, which is not so common at other online casino houses. You can also spin the wheel for an instant prize and win free spins, points and other rewards for your gambling experience. Rewards do come in form of points that you can convert into cash and use that cash for gambling. Birthday bonuses and on-going bonuses are present as well. However, the biggest of all rewards is The Fortune Cruise Events. The lucky winner (or a member if you wish) will receive the coupon for Royal Cruise, arranged for two persons. Now you can win some money and give your partner a cruise that he/she will remember for the rest of life!



Progressive Pokies – What are they, what are the best and why do we play them?

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Progressive Pokies

We must agree that the most exciting type of pokies is pokies with the progressive Jackpot. The reason for that lays in the psychological fact – we can win the fortune by winning money that is accumulating constantly. If we add the fact that someone else played before us and could not win the Jackpot, I think we can see the connection. These Jackpots are not around thousand bucks. No, they can go up to several million of dollars! No wonder everybody wants to play them.

What types of progressive pokies do we have?

Progressive pokies have one thing in common – they all accumulate money and wait for someone to cash them out. To cash out the Jackpot, you have to be lucky to hit the Jackpot, or you need to play for some time to “get lucky” and score the Jackpot. However, they do have some differences.

hit the Jackpot

Stand Alone Progressive pokies

These pokies have a meter (usually in the upper right corner) that shows the current level of Jackpot. However, these pokies are not connected to other machines (that is why they call them stand alone, obviously), and when compared to other slot machines, they are much lower.

Linked progressive pokies

LP pokies, as some people call them, have much lower jackpots in comparison to the standalone pokies. They are usually connected in a cluster of machines, where they are connected to each other. As soon as you hit the Jackpot, the Jackpot meter will go empty on all machines since they are all connected. For this reason, some people do not like LP pokies, and they usually opt for standalone progressive pokies.

LP pokies

The Best Progressive Online Pokies

For this occasion, we have prepared the best two progressive online pokies. You are free to search for more, but since we are a team of developers and know how pokies operate, try to follow our advice.

Cash Splash

Cash Splash provides its players Jackpots on a regular basis. It means that few times per week you will be able to score a Jackpot and win some money. The amount of money you can win is above $25,000. Another thing that gives us freedom to put this gambling game in the first place is the maximum bet. At Cash Splash, you put $3 as your maximum bet. This game is perfect for budget players who want to start with a smaller amount of money.

Marvel Ultimate Power

PlayTech company, with a little bit help from our experts, created themed pokies for those who are devoted to Marvel Universe and Marvel Comics. You can win up to three Jackpots – each time you spin the reel, you can win one Jackpot. All of those three Jackpots have the amounts close to half a million dollars, so imagine you hit it twice! Beside those Jackpots is the fact that there are no any requirements for you to hit the Jackpots. You are eligible for Jackpots as soon as you hit the reels!