3 Signs a Teenager is Drinking

As teenagers attempt to navigate the complexities of their social lives, puberty and new responsibilities, they are faced with many challenges. One of the things that teenagers may do is try alcohol. Whether due to pressure from friends or out of a sense of curiosity, teenagers may be tempted to drink alcoholic beverages. If that is the case, certain changes may be observed.

1. Behavior Changes

A certain level of moodiness or new behaviors may result from teenagers dealing with issues or struggling to establish their identities. However, drastic changes, such as depression, poor performance in school or evasiveness can be signs that they have started drinking. In extreme cases, teenagers may get into physical altercations, drive while intoxicated or make other poor decisions that lead to legal trouble. In that case, they may to deal with court appearances, bail bonds Harrisburg PA or be faced with hefty fines.

2. New Friends

It is not uncommon for teenagers to make different friends as they develop new interests. If the new friends seldom put in an appearance, it is a sign that the teenager is hiding something. The friends may have unsavory reputations and engage in reckless behavior, such as underage drinking.

3. Symptoms of Intoxication

The most obvious signs that teenagers have been drinking are physical symptoms. They may move or walk clumsily, exhibit slurred speech patterns and have trouble seeing properly. The smell of alcohol may be on their breath or clothing, especially if any has spilled during consumption. If physical signs are observed, it is important to take them seriously. Teenagers can drink to excess and put themselves at risk of alcohol poisoning.

It is difficult to monitor teenagers at all times. Educating them about the dangers involved, such as alcohol poisoning and legal trouble, can make teenagers aware of the consequences of their actions.