4 Criminal Justice Careers

When many people think about a career in criminal justice, they probably think about becoming a police officer or a lawyer. However, there are many different careers available in this field. These are four of them.

1. Bail Bonds Person

You may not think of Lancaster county bail bonds as being part of the criminal justice field; however, bail bonds services play an important role in the justice system. Many people who are arrested are unable to afford cash bail. Without the option to utilize bail bonds, they would have to remain in jail until their court date, which can negatively impact their defense. Bail bonds services provide a way for these people to get released from jail. Many also provide other services to help defendants navigate the court system. 

2. Private Investigator

Private investigators assist state, local and federal agencies with investigating civil and criminal cases. They may also help with locating missing people. A private investigator may be hired by a business, attorney or private citizen. Typical job tasks include research, surveillance and interviewing witnesses. 

3. Crime Prevention Specialist

Crime prevention specialists work with communities to find ways to reduce crime. Job duties include recommending methods of crime prevention and implementing security measures, such as a neighborhood watch

4. Homicide Detective

Homicide detectives collect and examine evidence at crime scenes in an attempt to identify murder suspects. Evidence examination includes fingerprints, DNA samples, fabric fibers, ballistic reports, blood spatters and more. 

If you are considering a career in criminal justice there are many options to choose from. Some jobs, such as being a police officer, involve hands-on, physical work, while others are more technical or clerical in nature. Whatever your interests and skillsets are, there is probably a career in the criminal justice system that would be a good fit.