Best apps to check your internet speed

Web Speed Meter Lite

It’s anything but a significant speed and use screen application. Web Speed Meter Lite showcases the web speed in the status bar and shows more measurements in the warning board. The client can see the association speed whenever while utilizing any application.

The application is totally free and even doesn’t show any notices. The essential highlights of the application incorporate ongoing velocity update in the status bar, every day information utilization, separate status for Mobile and WiFi organization. It screens traffic information throughout the previous 30 days, and it doesn’t affect battery life much. The client can modify the UI tone and status bar symbol from the settings menu. It likewise shows the speed meter on the gadget’s lock screen.

There’s an Internet Speed Meter Lite Pro form additionally with cutting edge highlights. The client will get chart, time and utilization of the current meeting, application use for versatile and wifi, and realtime speed of running applications.

Net Speed Indicator

On the off chance that you need more natural User Interface and similarity with the present-day indent shows, then, at that point Net Speed Indicator is the most ideal decision. It’s anything but a little clever observing device that permits checking realtime web speed from the status bar. The client can likewise check the organization speed in the warning or in-application itself.

It screens each and every byte being sent and gotten from the cell phone and afterward channels into week and month insightful. Notwithstanding, WiFi and Carrier information are checked in an unexpected way. The designer has a long daily agenda of highlights that will progressively carry out later on.

Web Speed Monitor

It is another little application that screens Internet Speed “keenly, securely and in a right way.” It tracks information move on a day by day and month to month premise. The excellent yet natural UI of the application makes it simpler to utilize. It additionally shows data including WiFi recurrence, IP address, Link Speed, SSID and substantially more.

There are numerous customization choices accessible in the settings board. The client can without much of a stretch alter settings for the application, warning, and skimming gadget. The position, shading, and size of the skimming gadget on the status bar can be set.

Download Speed

How quick data goes from the web to your gadget, it’s deliberate in Mbps. This is the estimation individuals care about the most. Higher numbers imply that your web speed will be quicker, and will better help streaming, gaming, and broad use cases.

Transfer Speed

How quick information makes a trip from your gadget to the web, it’s deliberate in Mbps. Ordinarily, transfer velocities will be lower than download speeds since we will in general demand more data from the web than send data.


The time (estimated in milliseconds) it’s anything but a sign (ping) to go to and from a web worker.


The sign used to quantify dormancy.

Worker Location

The area of the worker that was utilized to play out the test.


The Spectrum internet service you are utilizing. On the off chance that you don’t perceive the name, it very well may be on the grounds that you’re seeing the name of the parent organization your ISP falls under. For instance, Xfinity web clients will consider Comcast to be their supplier.

Transmission capacity

The most extreme measure of information that can be moved over a web association inside a particular measure of time (for this situation, each second).

IP Address

The web convention address of the gadget you are utilizing to direct the speed test. IP addresses give gadgets a method of tracking down one another when sending and getting data.