How to Use Big Data to Reveal Small Business Patterns and Trends

How To Use Trends To Profit In The Marketplace

Everything we do on the internet is essentially data. Many companies use this data to market to us on a daily basis. They either purchase the data or they run ads to see who is buying what. This method shouldn’t just be used for big companies either. Many small businesses target their customer base by optimizing ads and knowing how to drive traffic. In fact, big data is one of the biggest ways for marketers and small businesses can establish trends. In this article, we’re going to show you how your business can spot these trends and how big data can help you.

1. Market trend analytics

This is basically the fancy form of figuring out whether your market is shrinking or growing. For beginners, you can find this out by using Google Trends. Some big trends within the past year have been fidget spinners and bitcoin. E-cigarettes is another great example of a positive moving trend. Just look at all of the vaporizer shops popping up around the country. Marijuana will become more and more trendy as it becomes legal in more states. All in all, find out whether your market is growing or shrinking. That is where you should start first.

2. Adaptation

Change in any market is pretty much inevitable. Technology is always being innovated and new ideas are always being shared. The biggest thing that your business needs to focus on is adaptation. Whenever you see a trend happening in your market, you have to make the adjustment or else you are going to be left behind while many others are profiting.

3. Follow the big boys

Just like there is big data, there are big, heavy hitting marketers that love to spot trends and make money off of them. Some of the top marketers on the internet that I know of are Tai Lopez, Neil Patel, Alex Becker, and many others. These guys know what they are doing as they have generated millions off of marketing alone. See what their attention is on and follow that. Also, use social media to your advantage. Find out what is currently happening in your market and find out how you can profit off of that. Some people that use social media the best are the Paul Brothers. These guys spot trends and profit off of them. You and your business can do the same.

4. Implement Social Media into your business

In order for the marketplace to know that your small business has something trendy to offer, you have to put yourself out there. Every small business should have a YouTube account, Instagram account, and a Facebook page. You can also put more attention on your business by using Snapchat. In my eyes, YouTube is the next big thing. Learn how to optimize your Facebook ads, Influencer ads, and YouTube ads so that you can drive more business. Obscurity in the marketplace will not allow your business to generate revenue. Counter this by putting out massive amounts of content on each of these platforms so that you can get your business known.

In the end, spotting trends can be very simple. Just sit back and watch where everyone’s attention is going. If you need help starting your business, consider using alternative finance options, such as title loans or personal loans.  This could be a great way to get your business up and running in a shorter period of time.