Industrialization of Cannabis, Other Potential State Revenue

In 2018 in the United States, the medical cannabis industry is worth $ 35.8 million (500 billion rupiah), according to a report released by See Change Strategy, an independent financial analysis firm. The interest of entrepreneurs and investors is so great because of the high number of sales of cannabis-based products. The company also predicts that the sale of cannabis products will double in the next five years, as more products from cannabis plant derivatives have a legal umbrella.

“There are thousands of businesses around the world that process and sell marijuana to customers, both legally and illegally,” said Ted Rose, editor of the report. See Change Strategy’s report alters the dynamics of the investment community. The marijuana business owners say that the biggest hurdle to success is not financing, but regulatory uncertainty. But investors understand uncertainty, they understand the risks and need real numbers of reports.

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This report is a big win for investors. According to him, there are currently millions of business opportunities that can be developed; from nurseries, plantations, laboratory testing to pharmaceutical companies. Even today many software development companies participate in this business. “We are witnessing the beginning of a rapidly growing marijuana business ecosystem,” Rose said.

Cultivation of cannabis plants can’t be considered one-sided, although this type of business is only focused on seeding and planting marijuana then sell it to pharmacies or product manufacturers to be processed and sold to consumers. Of all the businesses in the cannabis industry, it is this type of business that is usually the most difficult to open, most manageable, most competitive, yet has the most lucrative profit potential.