Ways That The Recruitment Industry Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years

Thanks to technology, so much can change within a decade, and numerous industries have experienced a great deal of exactly this. Some of them have grown, some have been totally transformed, and others ​have become obsolete.

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Recruitment is one of the numerous industries that has been significantly impacted by technology. Although many people believed that things like social media sites and online job boards would be the end of recruitment agencies, actually they have helped them draw on their strengths. So over the past 10 years in what ways has the recruitment industry changed.

Recruitment is faster

In the past, it was a very arduous and long task to recruit an individual into a role. The only way that candidates and clients could communicate with each other was via landline or post. With most people working during the day, that made it hard to make interview arrangements, gather feedback, and negotiate throughout the offer stage. Starting dates were frequently delayed also since contracts and offer letters needed to be posted, signed, and returned to the employer.

However, these days, thanks to emails and mobile phones it is so easy to get in touch with people no matter what time of the day it is or where they are. Also, you can email important documents and have them signed in a few minutes. This means that it is not uncommon now for candidates to immediately start a new job.

Larger talent pools

Prior to technology advancements, recruitment agencies could have access to candidates who visited their offices and register with them. That meant they were completely dependent on their databases. If they did not have anyone suitable for a specific role, then most likely they would lose out to the competition.

However, these days, recruiters have access to a supply of candidates that is basically endless, meaning they are able to source very high-quality employees. Social media sites and online job boards open up to recruiters to people they would never have had access to a decade away.

Candidates are very pro-active today

A decade ago, if a person was searching for a job, the best option they had was to get registered with as many different agencies as they could and hopefully get a call eventually about a potential job. It was very time-consuming and limiting.

That is a stark contrast to today’s online world. The internet makes it possible for candidates to better control their job searches and be much more proactive. Instead of sitting around waiting to get a phone call, people looking for a job these days are able to apply to all of the vacancies that they want and directly contact companies.

Image is everything now

Less privacy is also something that the Internet has provided us. That means that both companies and candidates these days need to really consider how they present themselves to the entire world.

It is strongly advised that candidates cautiously manage their profiles on social media since prospective employees can and will attempt to locate them online before they make an offer. Websites such as Glassdoor also mean companies need to consider how job applicants and their staff are being perceived since everything from employee satisfaction to pay can easily found by simply clicking a button.