Technology is Changing the Face of Logistics

Technology continues to grow and become more entrenched in everyday life, and this includes in the transportation and logistics fields. Some people wonder how we ever went without it because technology has a way of making processes easier and more streamlined. If you’re curious about what technology can do for logistics, read on.

  1. Improved Tracking Systems for Shipments
  • Originally when someone purchased an item, they bought it and got an estimated delivery date. This was all they got unless they called the company. However, this has changed, and customers can now track their shipments digitally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll usually be able to tell the date and time their item left a facility, where it’s headed, and the date and time they’ll have it delivered.
  1. Greater GPS Accuracy
  • Do you remember using a paper map to find your way or printing directions off your computer to take with you? Today, you can have a GPS app or device installed straight to your phone and use it when you travel, or you can get a GPS unit for your car. The greater accuracy also allows for increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction. This is due to the GPS units updating in real time and warning drivers of possible delays or problems.
  1. Social Media Makes Companies Approachable
  • Social media platforms give companies a quick and direct way to communicate and engage with their customer base. They’re able to covey any urgent industry news with the push of a button, have poles or surveys to their direct customer base, and talk about any products or services they have.
  1. Greater Supply Chain Flexibility and Control